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Company Profile

Company Name Baraenshokubutsujyo Ltd
President Nobuyasu Kanaoka (MATAEMON)
Company establishment in 1880
Capital Stock Jpy 10,000,000.
Annual turnover JPY 1,500,000,000. (2016)
Main bank Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, Kawanishi Branch
URL http://www.baraen-rosegarden.co.jp/


Business range

Production of flowers

Wholesale of cut flowers, potted plants, gardening materials and ornamental plants

E-commerce management in cooperation with major floral auction markets in Japan

Flower bouquet making and wholesaling to supermarkets and bridals

Retail marketing services

Planting, landscape gardening and greenery business

Gardening events planning

Floral import and export


Offer environmental programs and related materials to reduce the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers in floriculture production

Aiming to the development of flower industry, contributing devotedly in the activities of various NPO organizations both in Japan and overseas.

Exclusive contracted distributors in Japan

For 6 leading oversea floral nurseries

Office locations

Head Office

2-15-8 Yamamotonaka Takarazuka, Hyogo Prefecture, 665-0883, Japan


Osaka Branch

1-5-23 Tokura Toyonaka, Osaka, 561-0845, Japan

TEL 81-6-6867-3900, FAX 81-6-6867-3901


Wholesale Division / Flowers& Plants

1-15-1 Harada-minami Toyonaka, Osaka, 561-0805, Japan

TEL 81-6-6864-8717 (Flowers), TEL 81-6-4866-1212 (Plants)

Main clients

AEON Co., Ltd.           https://www.aeon.info

HANKYU OASIS Co., Ltd.       http://www.hankyu-oasis.com

Ikari Super Co., Ltd.          https://www.ikarisuper.com

HIBIYA-KADAN FLORAL Co., Ltd.   http://www.hibiyakadan.com

Park Corporation Co., Ltd.      https://www.park-corp.jp

UNIVERSAL ENGEISHA Co., Ltd.   http://www.uni-green.co.jp

The Hiroshima Botanical Garden   http://www.hiroshima-bot.jp

Gardens by the Bay (Singapore)   http://www.gardensbythebay.com.sg

Associated Companies

TEA’s Design Co.,Ltd.    http://www.teas.design/

Nobu’s Design Co.,Ltd.    http://www.nobusdesign.co.jp/

Earth Feel Co., Ltd.    http://www.earthfeel.co.jp/

Rose Garden Plants Co., Ltd.